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This is my place for OpenDarwin and DarwinPorts stuff.
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This weekend I was at FOSDEM. Ole (olegb@) and Markus (mww@) came as well, considering the recent noise on the darwinports list, we obviously discussed various aspects regarding darwinports, packaging, xpkg and general opendarwin politics. Jeff Johnson (RPM) joined us for lunch today.
For once we actually managed to create a flyer, which can be found here: fosdem_flyer.pdf.
Pictures and more results will come within the next days.

I will be implementing a mfs for Darwin (see previous weblog item). I talked to an instructor of the Distributed Systems Department at my University (they also do the General Operating Systems stuff) and he liked the idea. I advanced some more in the spring cleaning of OD cvs. Chuck started an interesting thread on the hackers list about the bootloading sequenze of Darwin/OpenDarwin. I summed up some of the previously posted informations by Shantonu in a follow-up.


I moved lot's of news items to the archive and generally updated this site. Since I have to do an so-called "Individual project" for school this summer (meaning I have to work do some project, like implementing a web service, do some hardware hacking, add a feature to an operating system. etc. ) I decided to add an feature to darwin. To be precise, add an feature to darwin 8. Furthermore I thought it would be nice to implement a feature that is wanted/desired by the community, so I made a poll on #opendarwin yesterday. My suggestion was a port of OpenBSD's packet filter, pf. Other suggestions were:

  • private VFS namespaces
  • binary emulation layer (like freeebsd linux compat)
  • memory filesystem (mfs)

the memory filesystem had the most votes and actually is the most useful from the list of ideas. pf is nice to have, but memory filesystem would enable us to have much cooler OpenDarwin live cd's or have an actually working /tmp during install.


I'll try to organize an OpenDarwin booth at Fosdem. Ole will be there as well. Also mww thinks about coming. I'm becoming more active in the OpenDarwin share of my life, as I am slowly available to free some time. Since rozinante became kinda old, I took the box offline last week. I will try to get an more uptodate piece of hardware online instead.


A quick short update: I'm at 21C3 right now. I've had tons of work-work my company in the last months, so that I could not work on any darwin/opendarwin related things. I'm back now, so expect to hear some moaning and bitching again :)

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